IdeaStorage System

A modular aluminium construction, autonomous service robots and an automated box stacking system dance together in perfect harmony.

  • The densest possible use of the storage area

    Our construction net easily adapts to any warehouse.
    Its modification or extension is possible without interrupting your regular operation.

  • High-tech puzzle

    The control system can plan and optimize the work of our robots to achieve maximum performance and minimize costs.

IDEA STORAGE in a nutshell

Enough with the adjusting!
You can finance an automated warehouse with subsidies

Capex down

Compared to greenfield construction, our inflatable warehouses are by far more profitable per position.

Efficiency up

We adjust the design and the number of robots based on your needs, the season and your current workload.

Opex down

Less inter-warehouse transfers, less energy. Just densely packed savings.

Our warehouses are second to none.
We can expand your capacity even when they’re under regular strain.

90 %

Fill your warehouse capacity from floor to ceiling


Get your logistics up and running day and night

+ + +

Installation + combination + adjustments + growth

Symbiosis of technologies

Connect your current systems and tools with one-two APIs

Ideal security

Protect your goods and data. Our system is closed - it cannot be hacked or damaged

Green for better times

Save energy and human resources in one stroke

System parameters

Basic parameters

  • The basic unit in our cartesian rail system is a cell.
  • The dimensions of the cell are 768 x 484 mm. The plastic boxes are stacked in the cell to form a column of crates. The maximum stacking height is 20 boxes + 21 TOP boxes (temporary storage).
  • Boxes of the same type can be stored in one column.
  • The plastic box has the following dimensions: 600x400 mm with variable heights up to 420 mm.
  • The rails form a rectangular network, but the travel area can be non-convex (e.g.: U-shaped).
  • The storage area can be dimensioned in several height travel planes, their connection or transfer of boxes is solved by means of transfer points.

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