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A warehouse that wastes no space

We can transform up to 90% of your warehouse’s cubic capacity into a fully functional logistic system, doubling the average performance.
Our robots’ work ethic is every employer’s dream. They don’t care about shifts, the light, warmth, overtime or holidays.
One robot can manage 20 full boxes in an hour. They’re relentless and incapable of mistakes.

Enough with the cuts!
You can finance an automated warehouse with subsidies

Capex down

Compared to greenfield construction, our inflatable warehouses are by far more profitable per position.

Efficiency up

We adjust the design and the number of robots based on your needs, the season and your current workload.

Opex down

Less inter-warehouse transfers, less energy. Just densely packed savings.

This is not a human-only whitepaper.

And we aren’t your run-of-the-mill company. We’re innovators. Head over heels for progress. Get to know us.

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