The most feature-packed way to inflate your warehouse

Finance your warehouses with external deposits

Automation is for everyone! That's why we have established cooperation with the J&T Leasing subsidy program. We will take care of the paperwork and processing of the subsidy.

We build warehouses in cooperation with J&T Leasing

We offer our clients complete financial services in the field of information and communication technologies. We finance common computer equipment as well as complete hardware and software solutions, including insurance.

Our services are suitable for any company regardless of size. We will find a solution for you no matter how ambitious your plans are.

Automation means earning and saving at the same time

We can transform up to 90% of your warehouse’s cubic capacity into a fully functional logistic system, doubling the average performance.
Our robots’ work ethic is every employer’s dream. They don’t care about shifts, the light, warmth, overtime or holidays.
One robot can manage 20 full boxes in an hour. They’re relentless and incapable of mistakes.

How easy it is?

You ask we help.

We will take care of the subsidy for you. There is simply no easier way to a cleverly packed warehouse.

will finance

Usually, you would have to pay for the warehouse with your own money and then you would wait to draw the subsidy. That is not the case here. We will build the warehouse with J&T Bank funding.

You save,
you earn, and you pay back

You can reach a subsidy from one million up to ten. We'll tailor all the terms and conditions to keep the paperwork in order and the company calm.

Subsidy conditions

What activities does
the subsidy cover?

  • Digital transformation of the company
  • Acquisition of logistics and warehouse technologies
  • Ensuring intra-enterprise connectivity
  • Improving cyber security
  • Purchase of operating systems and software for office use

What specifically can be the subject of a subsidy

  • Hardware (servers, desktops and laptops, routers, etc.)
  • Specialized end devices (mice, tablets, monitors, etc.)
  • Software (license or subscription)
  • Logistics systems (RFID, NFC, QR code readers, etc.)
  • Related consulting services

Who can apply for a subsidy and what is its amount?

  • Small, medium, and large enterprises
  • Company based in the Czech Republic (Prague)
  • At least two years of business history prior to application
  • The minimum subsidy amount is 1 million CZK and the maximum amount is 10 million CZK
  • A total of CZK 4.6 billion is allocated in the subsidy call

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